Simple To Follow Workout Plans To Lose Weight Fast

Workout Plans to Lose Weight Fast

Building muscle is one thing but for many people, men and women alike, the first and foremost struggle is to find simple to follow diet & workout plans to lose weight fast. There are many workout plans out there but most of them seem designed for people with a slim or muscular body. So why not try our simple workout plans to lose weight fast…

Focus on Strength Training

Strength training might sound directly for bodybuilders but there’s a lot of truth there for people who want to lose weight. Cardio isn’t the only thing you need to do – as a matter of fact, with a good diet and good strength training, such as the Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferrugia or the Mi40x by Ben Pakulski, you can still lose a lot of weight and burning fat with the least amount of cardio done.Workout Plans to Lose Weight Fast

Strength training builds muscle, yes, but it also burns up a lot of fat at the same time. Your body’s metabolism multiplies while it is working against heavy weights. That’s why the body’s temperature gets so high. So if you want the best exercise, lift heavy weights at the gym.

You’ll want to do a little cardio but your whole regimen shouldn’t be 90% cardio. You’ll want it to look more like 75-80% strength training and 20-25% cardio.

High Intensity Finishers

Before you leave the gym and hit the showers you will want to force out all your effort in your last few minutes. High Intensity workouts are perfect for this so go ahead and do some heavy sled pushes, battling ropes, and sledgehammer swings. Do an HIIT circuit if you got the time and energy.

Finishers will be the key to losing weight because they burn the most fats in your routine. The twenty minutes you spent working out burns a lot of fat but it also heats the body in preparation for a sudden burst. This is why a good finisher is essential to quick fat loss.

If you can, start adding hill sprint routines or ground sprint routines to your finishers. This becomes important as you increase your workload.

Increase Your Workload

Two five-minute finishers are great for your first week but keep on adding the load as you go along. In about twelve weeks you should be doing two ten-minute finishers as well as two thirty-minute hill sprint routines.

Even though you are increasing your load you shouldn’t expect to burn more fat per week. On average you’ll still be burning roughly 2-3 pounds per week. Why is this so?

As you are working out you are losing fat and gaining muscle. Unless you add your workload you’ll be gaining weight instead of losing it since the body now needs more energy and resistance. By adding more workload you are compensating for what the body can already handle.

Follow a Good Diet Plan

The secret to the best workout plans to lose weight fast is a reliable diet. One of them is The Renegade Diet by Jason Ferruggia, who also suggested the above workout routines. A good diet will give you all the energy you need and all the essential nutrients to boost your metabolism and burn as much fat as possible.